First Flip Cincinnati, OH

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Bryan, Looks like you should try a new realtor. I can give you information for the one I use she is awesome and I use her for all of my flips. Her rates are unbeatable also.

@Bryan Harrison just to give an fyi, most realtors won't be able to offer help on the listing side until a contract is cancelled.  I have one in fairfield I pulled off after about 2 weeks and I did a walkthrough and it was a lot of small items that added up throughout the house.  Even though I barely got any mentions of issues.  I'd walk the house again with Blue tape and mark all imperfections with the house and get a few friends who are licensed and know the area some insight.  

@Brian Reynolds Hey! I'm not really a wholesaler. I mostly focus on fix and flips. I also co-lead the Rehabber's focus group for the local REIA (REIAGC). I've had about 4 projects this year 2 in West chester and 2 in Fairfield area with a few more leads coming up from it.

It's 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month at the Holiday inn in West chester across from IKEA.  There's also a great Mastermind that Joe Fairless leads that is on the Last tuesday of the Month.   Look them up.  Great for networking.  

Agreed, you need a new Realtor. I lived in Cincinnati for 6 years and loved every minute of it, I was an agent with Sibcy Cline. I can also give you a couple referrals for a couple great agents in the area if you need one. 

Originally posted by @Bryan Harrison :

Hi, I just finished rehab of my first property in Cincinnati and have it for sale (Norwood area) I am out of state investor and had some issues finding a quality and trustworthy contractor. Finally got a good contractor to rehab everything. It has been on market for 60 days with very few people looking at it despite properties around it selling in less than a month at same price point.  My realtor doesn't seem to be engaged and did one open house for an hour. Her feedback is that the front tree needs to be cut down and windows washed. These don't seem to be showstopper items for nobody looking at house.  Has anyone had this kind of experience in the area?? Any suggestions?

 Hi @brayn Harrison do you mind sharing your contractor? I am too an out of state investor just bought one in evanston and need someone reliable to do the job. 

Thank you and good luck keep up the good work 

Following as I live in Mariemont, just right down the street from Madisonville (where I use to live) and Fairfax.

@Kyle Burnett , & the rest of the Cincinnati BP community. Just wanted to provide and update since we’re about 30 days in.... Things haven’t gone as planned. Actually, it’s like I was asked to have everything go wrong with the house so I could write a book about it later.... I’ve fired the contractor and found out that during his 30 days of work and providing updates he really hasn’t done anything. My business partner found him and his crew passed out, hungover at our house on this past Friday. The estimates he provided for the work were way off... like by $15-20k. When I originally asked him why his quotes were so low on the bid he said that he was trying to build a lasting relationship with me and my partner so we can do future flips together. Like a dummy I believed him excited about the low bid. Now 30 days in we are really at like day 2-3 of work that has been completed. No permits were pulled even though I was told they were. We’ve spent this week back tracking and getting the project back where it needs to be. Thanks to the Cincinnati BP community. The recommendations I’ve received for reputable contractors are helping a lot. This community is awesome. I listen to the old podcasts every day which inspire me to keep pushing forward and get over these mistakes. Hopefully better news at my next update!!

@Ryan Dormond we’re still working on the project unfortunately.  We had another contractor issue and have elected to finish the project ourselves.  I know time wise that’s not the best course of action but with two failed contractors attempts on the house we’re over budget.  

The house has come a long way and I’ve learned a lot of lessons on this first flip that I know will help me on the next one.  

@Brian Reynolds That's unfortunate brother, but it sounds like you're not letting this defeat you and that's inspiring to read as a newcomer like myself. Best of luck, hopefully you can update us with some good news in the not-so-distant future.

@Zain Ahmad we are still working on the first flip, it was a complete gut. I was able to wholesale the other property I purchased. Between multiple contractor issues and other set backs, I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way. We’re working a few funding options to finish this house out soon. Thanks for checking up!

Very Nice Job! Keep that train rolling! What I've heard is that after the first deal you get a second, than third. than fourth ect...ect.. It's like rolling a snowball down a hill and watching it grow from a distance. Having two properties to start out only makes that starting snowball bigger. Great Job and Good Luck! ...I've got to start making my own first snowball! Lol!

Hi Everyone, glad that I found you here. I work with a Real Estate investor in Ohio too and we're buying in Southwest area (Montgomery, Hamilton, Butler and Warren County) We wholesale, buy and hold, fix or flip. any great deals you can offer?