Getting my RE license?

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I agree with @Aaron K. . I just got my license, but I am looking to be full time in RE. I plan to scale up on buy and holds quickly and work as a buying agent for other investors. So to me it made a lot of sense.  

Not sure about your state requirements, but in Oklahoma it averages around $3,000 for first time agents to get started. Then there are annual dues and fees to keep your license active. You may also have to split a lot of your commission with a broker, depending on the structure of the agencies near you. 

I think having your license makes looking at and offering on properties a lot easier because you can do it on your own time. But you just need to figure out if it will be a worthwhile return on your investment or if it just makes more sense to get a really good agent that knows investments. 

I would have to agree with Aaron and Cassi.  To harp on the starting costs and reoccurring costs annually and monthly.  If you do not plan on selling at least a $500,000 a year or buying/selling several properties a year, it would not be beneficial to you.  If you are wanting access to the various data that Real Estate agents have, then connect with a good agent.