First deal !! HELP Greenville SC

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Good Morning Everyone,

New real estate investor who has a property under contract and is looking to trade ideas on potential routes property can take. Currently the property ( old barbershop that must be converted into a single family dwelling ) is in a high valued market. The same type of houses are selling for 190-210K ARV the sellers starting offer is 75k and is motivated, and is willing to negotiate on price, also the repairs would be heavy. Looking to get ideas on how to go about turning this into a deal and learn from somekne with their first deal done!

Hey McKenzie!

I handle acquisitions for Gendlin Homes in Greenville, SC. I'd be very interested in connecting with you and chatting over a few strategies. Send me a DM with your number and Ill give you a shout. 

Hey McKenzie,

My Husband and I are looking for our 3rd and did a BRR for our 2nd... would you please send me some more details like location, pictures and I would be glad to share some of what we have learned and talk deal.  send me a message