Mentor VS. course VS. BP

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Hi BP'r

As I'm sure, each one here has a different story about how he started. Some of you used books, some of you started investing with a friend and some just made an offer and learned from the mistakes along the way.

As I already have some information from BP and other source, I thought about moving to the next step.

I think I need something more tangible such as mentor who will me hand in hand through the process (real) or a course with practical parts or even BP to some extent.

What would you recommend for a newbie ?



@Joe Villeneuve is right, you should do all 3.

Posting on BP is useful, make friends, reach out, build relationships

Do audible and podcasts in your car, in the shower, and at the gym. Read at night, at lunch, and on your phone when you have downtime.

Go to meetups and REIA's consistently and shake hands. Make an effort to talk to people who are successful at what you want to be doing.

No one is going to teach you everything, obviously, and it's unlikely you're going to find someone to hold your hand. You have to show people you care about your success more than they do, then they will happily invest in you. Lots of beginners look for mentors who want to help out of charity, and that's not really how this works. People like to help, and they want to be part of the next rockstar success story, so show people you're a good investment and you'll have an abundance of help.

Absolutely nothing comes close to the experience of owning your first investment property.  You can read all the books in the world, read every thread on BP, and take 25 courses...but none of that compares to the experience of actually owning, renovating (if applicable), and renting/flipping your first property.   

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Yes.  There is no choice.  You do all of them.  Why would you assume there is a choice of one over the rest?

 Any good places to start from ? (on all three)

Here's where I recommend all of my mentor students go to. It's a great place to get a handle on knowledge, in a lot of areas of REI (and more), from successful experts in those areas.