Who are you and how did you get started?

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Hi! I'm J'Nelle, but you guys can call me Jay. I'm fresh out the box on this real estate investing/wholesaling journey. I'm in the Greater Atlanta Area and have yet to land my first deal. I'd like to get to know as many people as I can! So who are you, how did you get started, and if there are any tips and tricks you have to offer, all are welcomed. Thanks in advanced!

Hi, and welcome!, I got started with a house hack duplex. And if i was to share any advice it would be to keep close eye on your investments and how much of it you put into the hands of others. I wish you much success in your journey!

Hi @Lydron P Aguillera! Thank you for your advice. I'll be sure to look out for that. 

House hacking? That sounds like a great way to start? How was that? How does that experience help you today?