First-time selling investment property! Questions!

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If I'm selling a home as an investment property, what points do you think I should include in a graphic design flyer with little space? And how would you word it? I'm not familiar with good investment wording. 

It's for sale for in NJ for $535,000 and has a brand new 2 year lease at $3,300/month. 

@Steven Hou Investors think in terms of numbers...while you don't want to look like a complete rookie by capitalizing the property, you want to at least capture basic

You would also want to include data on rental income and expenses.

If it's occupied, you'll need to abide by your states landlord-tenant laws. I always specify: "Tenants rights apply, please do not disturb. Actual leases and rent rolls available upon accepted offer. Showing within 24-hours after accepted offer with proof of funds or lenders pre-approval"...something to that effect...just depends on your market and state requirements.