Real Estate Meet-ups

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Hello BiggetPockets community! 

Is bringing a toddler to a REI meet-up acceptable, permitted and/or tolerated?

Hmmm... not one response? I have not made it to a meet up as of yet. I am looking for meet ups in my area. I am imagining the meet ups to be in restaurants or perhaps even a bar.  I LOVE children. I have my Early Childhood Degree and I teach a Pre-K class. If I could answer your question from a toddler's point of view, the answer would be "no". Your toddler probably would not enjoy the environment of people trying to discuss investments. To answer as an adult and trying to wrap my mind around investment talk, I would also probably say it's a no. You may find a group totally open to it. There are so many kick-*** parents that might want to get together and talk investments. When I was a young mom, I was buying houses and taking my toddler with me when I renovated and did drive by's. You just need to find your tribe!!  There is a group for everyone-- I am still searching for mine and I don't know, maybe I wouldn't mind, but I am afraid I would be very distracted by a child-- I am betting that there are other parents of toddlers that could create a group. Or bring a sitter with you, and that person could entertain your toddler away from the group, while you focus on the group talk. :) One thing is for sure--find a way to meet up and do it!