New Investor Greater Boston area

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Hey everyone! I am brand new to real estate investing and I am looking to make my first deal in the Greater Boston area. What resources can be used to find potential investment property other than the MLS? I am focusing on multi-family homes at the moment. Any guidance is much appreciated.

@Anthony Fonte If you're referring to residential MFH (2-4 units), then you should also connect with local wholesalers through local REI clubs networking events, as well as other RE professionals. In addition, you can send out marketing campaigns to your target market. As far as MLS goes, you got to find the most active agents in the area and work with them. Also, some smaller MFH sometimes posted on Loopnet as well, so look it up.

Hope this helps!

@Anthony Fonte Step 1 is to be sure you understand MA landlord/tenant laws.  They are tilted very strongly in favor of the tenant.

Step 2 is to be sure you understand MA Fair Housing laws.

Making a mistake in either area is a fast track to disaster.  Then, start looking at prices as they relate to what you want to spend.

Boston prices are so high that it's going to be hard to cash flow.  My advice is always to look south for more affordable MFRs, specifically Plymouth and Bristol counties.