Is a GC licence required to be a GC middleman?

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I am starting new and trying to learn before I jump into my journey in real estate.  Does one need to have a General Contractor licence themselves, if all they (as middlemen) are doing is finding the jobs and getting the work done from licenced general contractors?  Thank you for your insight and help in guiding me.

If you sign a contract to Do the work with the owner, then hire a GC, yes you need a license. 

If you simply receive a fee from the owner to help them find/manage a GC, then would be like a project manager. Not sure why an owner would want to give you that control though. 

@Wayne Brooks thank you for the feedback. I had an acquaintance ask me if I could have my GC who worked on my home, do work for him, and that made me wonder if that is something I could do to supplement my income. My GC is licensed but I'm not.


I did the exact thing you are talking about in Atlanta for 2+ years. I myself don't have a GC license, but my contractor did. Make sure you have a contract between you and your GC. I had liability insurance as well. I recommend that you do the same. I when i found jobs, I contacted my GC, then got a commission from the job. It worked out great.