Any Atlanta Georgia based House Flippers?

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My plan, or at least the investment strategy that excites me most is house flipping. I don’t have a good enough credit score to get a traditional mortgage (my credit history is not very old) so I’m pretty certain my best bet at getting started will be by working with a private/hard money lender. I would love any advice/warnings of how to recognize and avoid scam money lenders. I’d also love to chat with any house flipping investors (or any investors really) in the Atlanta area as that will be where I am living/working. I’d love to chat through this app, or perhaps even buy you a cup of coffee as soon as I’m back in the Atlanta area! I highly value advice and wisdom from people further along in this journey!

Hi Abigail, I'm local to Atlanta, about 45 minutes north actually.

I can't speak to private money lending too much myself, but I'll send you some info I came across. 

Hopefully it helps. 

 I would stick to bigger reputable companies and friends and family starting out. There are a lot of scammers when it comes to hard money. A good lender will help you evaluate a deal too. They are a partner in the transaction so your success is their success.