Hey there reader! First time poster so let me give you a little background. First time home buyer age 23 I’m currently looking to buy a duplex that has 2 renters in it for 800 dollars per side. Per year that equals 19,200 property tax=5,000 19200 -5000 Monies after tax= 14,200 The woman who is selling the property is asking 85,000 in an area that has a good school district. The property was built in 1920 so it’s not perfect and will need maintenance. The reason I’m posting is because I need help figuring out how much renters insurance is going to be and how many other fees I’m missing. If someone who is doing duplex rentals can help me that would be great! My final concern is that the one tenant has 3 pit bulls. I love the dogs personally but I know they are considered a “dangerous” breed In NJ. The tenant with the dog has lived there for 10 years so I would hate to have to get rid of him or the dogs but I want to make sure I’m being as carful as possible. Please give me any advice you may have and it will be greatly appreciated! Zach