New investor in Waukesha WI

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Hey there, I’m a new invester right out of college with no debt and a career in my field. I would loge some advIce from someone more experienced. I have a goal to get a multi family / duplex to live in now and also get rent from another party. The problem I’m seeing with my area is that trying to apply the 2% rule seems nearly impossible. For example, the last property I looked at was $238,000 for a duplex but the renter was paying $850 a month. I just want to know if numbers like that might work of what else I should be looking for. P.S. Since I am new I have been listening to the podcasts while I work to try and further my education. Reading full books has never worked for me, but if anyone knows of some helpful things such as the “Beginners GuIde“ that BP made I would love to know. Thankyou guys for the help. Glad to have found this community of people!
@Sean McAdams it would be interesting to learn more and hear from someone more experienced. Please let me know some more info on when you meet and where. Also, just wondering if you must rsvp or is it just a drop in basis. Please just let me know. Thankyou, Andrew Gwinn