Spreadsheet for tracking property income and expenses in Numbers

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We recently purchased two fourplexes to start our journey.  I have also recently been reading lots of posts here, and books, such as David Greene's Long distance investing book.  Many folks talk about their tracking documents for keeping tracking of income and expenses.  David even mentioned in his book that he has a spreadsheet in Numbers (the mac equivilant of Excel).  

I am just curious if anyone else has a spreadsheet they would be willing to share?  I have ones for evaluating a deal (and have used those tools her in BP).  Rather than recreate the wheel, I thought I would see if anyone is willing to share their tracking spreadsheet with us?  Excel would be fine, but if anyone has one in Numbers, I would really love to see those.

Thanks in advance!


BUMP! I'm also interested in a spreadsheet in Numbers for tracking NOI, etc. May seem elementary but spreadsheet design is not my strong suit! TY!