I found a property...now what?

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I found a property on Craigslist that is being offered by a wholesaler. Good location, good comps, good potential. Assuming we got out the door around $85,000, put $20,000 into it, and sold it at $140,000...it's not massive but I figured it'd be a good place to start. 

What are my financing options here? I'm willing to put forward 100% of the grunt work, but I also need 100% financing whether that be through private money or hard money. 

Anyone in the metro Atlanta area willing to discuss this?

@Chad Carrodus I’d reach out to a hard money lender. I’ve used SL Lending and they are great to work with and will keep you out of a bad deal. Who will you use to complete the rehab? Do you have an agent? You will need to answer these questions and have a plan In place before any lender will loan you money.