Starting Out in Bucks County, PA

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Hey everyone! I’m a recent transplant to PA living in Lower Bucks County just outside of Northeast Philly. I’m trying to get started in this market with flipping to build up some capital and then start holding onto some of properties to rent down the road. I have a little experience havinf bought a (mostly turn-key) property down the jersey shore and renting that out for years. But now that I moved to PA I no longer own the NJ property. Can anyone recommend where is a good spot to look for flips in Bucks County or Montgomery County? Also I would be happy to meet up for real estate events, work for free to learn the ropes, and also open to partnering on a deal. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks everyone in advance! So great for for this BP community!

Hey Daniel, Congrats on your decision to switch to philly investment properties. Philadelphia is one of the fastest growing markets in the nation and you are sure to make a lot of profit! Bucks County and MontCo are also excellent areas for investment. As an investment realtor, I've done a lot of deals out in those areas and I'm looking to do more. 

Because annual taxes are higher in the suburbs, I would recommend expanding your search to include parts of Philly. Neighborhoods in West, North, and South Philly are also booming in the rental/flip market right now.

If you need help finding deals and analyzing numbers out in these areas, message me and I can tell you as much as I know!