Holding, Buying, & Selling Cost

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Of course.  Buying and selling involves  fees and taxes that vary by state and municipality.  Holding costs involve insurance that will vary by location, local taxes and weather.  Some taxes, like transfer taxes, and title insurance are tied to the property price.  Just to name a few things...

These will depends on a LOT of factors. State, city, town, house  all matter for determining the costs. Your financing will also play a role. Some people use percentages, based on sales they have completed. Having never done a sale it is best to ask local flippers what their costs have been. On my $120k purchase, with a $240k sale, my buying, holding and closing costs is probably going to be around $22-24,000, and I am a cash buyer not paying any lender back, so that would go up quite a bit if I was.