Getting Financing as a Bartender

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So I'm in a predicament. I just graduated college and do not have much capital thus far, so would need a mortgage unless I bought a property that required major work. The problem is I am a bartender, and get a majority of my income from tips. I'm on the books and claim my money, but it's still unpredictable. I can come up with 15K for a down payment if that would help. Looking to start with a duplex. Thanks! 

Maybe try talking to local lenders to see if they have ideas or what you could qualify on based on your current earnings. I'm sure there are lenders out there that know how to work with tip/commission based employees. If you are having issues qualifying, then it may be worth getting an hourly job to help stabilize the bartending salary. 

I say look for a deal once you have one figured out that you know you can afford then I would worry about financing.  In this day and age financing is the wild west.....there are so many ways to go. Let me know with a tag if you have any questions.