How to find max unrelated occupancy limit in a city

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I live here in San Jose CA and was thinking of buying a rental here or in Sacramento. I have read about some cities limiting the maximum unrelated renters. 

Austin TX had a problem with Stealth dorms and changed the limit from 6 to 4 in some downtown areas, and also San Diego had a problem with mini dorms and so you have apply to have 6 or more adults 18 and over in a SFR, and prove you have adequate parking.

I have read about the 2+1 law as a general law for California, meaning a 2 bedroom house could have 5 people, although this is just a general guideline. I understand most of these laws don't apply to families.

Most city websites in California don't mention maximum occupancy limits. Do I have to call each city or go in person to find out these limits?