Baltimore investor friendly RE agent

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I am looking to purchase my first rental unit in the Baltimore area and am looking for an agent who is ok with making multiple offers. I am out of state but looking specifically for condos and townhouses around Hopkins/Loyola/Towson. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Anybody will be okay with making multiple offers as long as it is reasonable.

If you are offering less than %20 or more than you need somebody who as a lot of time to waste.

You should give details, I am sure one of the agent will be following up.

If you are looking to buy your first, rental property, then why are you looking to make multiple offers?  Why not focus on one property you like, and buy that property?

@Russell Brazil @Ozzy Sirimsi Appreciate the feedback, both great points and I think my initial post came off the wrong way. Ive narrowed down to a few sections of town and found a few properties that may work. Of course I don’t want to just lowball offers for no good reason and to Russell’s point it works to focus on one property. My thought process is that I don’t want to waste an agents time (and have let them know that up front) and may need/want to look at multiple properties.