Property Management With Family

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I have to admit, this is a loaded question. How did/do you balance young children, working full time, and still moving forward on the goal of good management and more properties? Can anyone share how you time managed it? I have two properties and I want to keep growing.

This is why property management companies exist, they let you buy time and sanity and you decide how much help you need.  Some companies will only find a tenant others will take care of everything.

@Aaron K. Thanks for the response. I agree Aaron. However, I guess I was speaking on the front end with business development. Finding and evaluating properties also takes time when done correctly. I do agree with your point though. Maybe investing in outside management will free up more time for procurement.

@Lydia Bolling most of the hard work can be done anywhere you have an internet connection so your lunch hour and after the kids go to bed are perfect times to do research, if you don't have enough time maybe the solution is to narrow the search so that you have less properties to sift through

We have a rental portfolio with five kids, travel sports, and a 60+ hour a week job.  Our portfolio is finally passive but it took many years to get there.

In today's market, generating lots of profitable deal is the time challenge for investors (not PM) and it takes networking, marketing, and direct to owner contact; so, we have pivoted to more passive investing with others who have full time staff dedicated to deal flow every day.  Just pivoting with what the market bears.