Broker License - to apply or to not apply?

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Hi All! 

I am currently a Florida Realtor, mainly using the license to do research investment properties for myself or for my family. (I don't really use it the way other realtor's do to sell and help clients buy). I was wondering what the benefits are for applying for my broker's license?  and why there are brokers working for other brokers? Also, are broker's paying themselves commission if they do purchase/sell a house or are they just deducting it from the purchase price as the commission is taxable?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this!

Im an associate broker who works under a broker. I do so because selling houses is an entirely different business than being in the brokerage business. Branding is important to me, as it is to many high volume agents, so using my brokerages branding is important. I also dont want to deal with ths logistics of finding office space, buying equipment and all that stuff that comes with a brokerage business. I just want to sell.

When I do deals, I always pay myself. Just the way I prefer. Loan products typically limit how much of a credit you can give yourself anyways.