Mentor-ship: A good source?

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Hey everyone,

This morning on the way to work I saw a yellow bandit sign. But this time it read, "Learn to Fix/Flip, wholesale, and Invest. Don't Delay. Call (xxx) xxx-xxxx." I was wondering if anyone here has seen these before or even put them up themselves. It seems like this person is looking to train people in real estate. I'd love to be mentored and would even do it for free if it meant someone taking the time to show me the ropes. Of course this would benefit them because that means free labor and the ability to scale their business. Does this sound legit to y'all? Or are these known to be scams? Just wondering. I'm thinking about giving this person a call on my lunch break tomorrow.

Usually a part of a multi level RE education sales program. If you buy into their seminar you can then sell that seminar class to your peers and earn a commission on it. "Earn while you learn" is the phrase seen a lot. Not much of actual real estate gets done by these people (if any). Be cautious. 

@Jacob Bassett

Yes, I see these all over the place and honestly with technology and everything online, I would advise against these sales programs that you see on bandit signs. Don't get me wrong, mentor programs are great and I have been apart of 2, which has really helped me scale, but initially it was all BP and YouTube education which is "Free" of charge and a great place to start. With so many different avenues to travel in the business of real estate, it comes down to you researching and ultimately discovering what path works best for you and your long term goals. I hope this helps and Best of Luck!!!

Thanks everyone for the replies. I decided not to give a call to the bandit sign. I have, however, been attending local meetups for real estate investors, lenders and borrowers. I've been really enjoying just listening to people talk about their experiences. Hopefully I can seek a mentor from one of these groups. I just need to figure out what I have to offer them.

Hi Jacob,

Local meetups and REI groups are good but can only take you so far. Just think about that. That is a lot of time and effort to meet and talk to people and not get what you exactly need. I am all for mentorship that promises the student a true way to get from A-Z. Problem is lots of education companies are out just to get more sales from the prospect.

You need someone who you can call and get straight to the point and answer all the tough questions and fast-track you to your goals.  The problem is there is a lot of different ways to make money in real estate which can paralyze a new investor. There is also a ton of misinformation that will lead someone down the wrong path.   Choose wisely time is money.