Who handles your LOI Negotiations ??

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I'm new to real estate investing. Still searching for my first deal.

How do you guys approach negotiating and communicating between buy side and sell side?

if I feel (rightly or wrongly) that I can negotiate better....What's everybody's thoughts on me and negotiating directly with the seller or sellers agent?

(Once we agree on high-level LOI terms, my agent will draft up the documents obviously. )

@Jared M. what are the reasons you feel you are a better negotiator than your agent? Are you more experienced in a different field where you constantly do contract negotiations? Is your agent not competent? I would wonder why you wouldn't want your agent to assist with the negotiation. At the end of the day, that is the main job of an agent...

@Jared M. yes if you are agent is a newer agent then you should probably be in charge of negotiations. You should also have a very, very competent attorney that is more experienced. Unfortunately, you normally meet this type of attorney through your agent relationship...