Researching market Memphis vs Indianapolis

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I'm currently evaluating cities to for buy and hold opportunities.  I understand that real estate is local; however, some cities may be more appealing than others.  That said, I've currently narrowed my list down to Memphis and Indy. 

In lieu of the current economic volatility and softening of the real estate market.  What is your experience with these two cities, +/- with each city given the economic uncertainties.

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@Tuan Tran I wouldn't invest in a city that I don't know and I wouldn't advise anyone else to either. I could tell you that Memphis is the greatest city in the world, but you don't know me or what my opinion is based on. I suggest that you do detailed market research of these cities, which are very similar demographically. I'm sure there are great deals in both, but where? What is a "good" area? Do you know any plumbers, contractors, heating and air guys? You will need them. I wish you success in your business and I hope I raised some points that are helpful.

@Tuan Tran Both are good cash flow markets but I like Indianapolis. The economic and demographic trends are better. Indy has good population and job growth whereas Memphis is fairly stagnant. Below are a couple of charts that show that.

Just found this thread while researching markets. Curious whether those trends still hold now. It's been a year since that last post and the charts are showing 2017 which I think is 2 years old now.