Hi everyone,

It’s great to know a community like this exists. My name is Theo Abraham, and I’m new to the forum as well as to real estate in general. I have been curious about the real estate industry and the different strategies to enter the market for sometime now.

One strategy that stands out to me is whole selling. I have a pretty vague understanding about it, but I would love to learn more.

I come from the global B2B marketing world and I think that knowledge could help me succeed at whole selling. But, I am practical. I realize that there is so much I don’t understand about this strategy and about reale estate but I’m dying to learn.

I was just wondering if there are any wholesalers in this forum that could put me on to some study material for whole selling in Canada or might be willing to pass on a few tips to a beginner. Especially in the golden horse shoe area, gta Ottawa or Ontario in general really.

I appreciate any help that can be given.

Thanks in advance,