Investing in Cincinnati, OH

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We are newer to the Cincinnati area and new to real estate investment. We’re looking to invest in smaller multi family units in Cincinnati.

Any advice about areas to consider and how to best get started would be great.

There are quite a few neighborhoods that are choc-full of 2-4 units buildings/old divided row houses. Depending on price point, here are some of the areas i really dig: 

Camp Washington

Pleasant Ridge

Covington(north of 12th)


Walnut Hills


Westwood(certain parts!)


I am looking for properties (SFR's or small multi's) in the Pleasant Ridge and Norwood areas and own a duplex in Pleasant Ridge and a duplex and SFR in Norwood. The neighborhoods are pretty good and rent well. 2/1 typically rent for $600-800 depending on their location in the area. I have an SFR in Norwood that rents for $900 month for a 2/1. I am a "newbie" since I have only owned the properties for about 1-1.5 years. I am also looking for opportunities in the Walnut Hills area. If you have any questions feel free to message me.