Newbie Wholesaler Seeks Your Best Advice!

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Just sent out my first batch of mailers to driving for dollars leads. Now what??? I want balanced growth and I'm looking for advice on what to focus on- what are the most important things I can do to get rolling in the right direction?


I've been a real estate agent and an assistant for a contractor with rental properties.  I'm now branching out to run a wholesaling business with a couple of partners who are experienced in rentals and flips, but not wholesaling. I really want to show up to this venture with a ton a value! 

What I've got started: Insightly CRM, several versions of mailers drafted, a postcard company to work with, a relationship with an attorney, bookkeeping help

What I know I need: buyers list, seller lists, books recommended by BP, a tool box full of ways to coordinate deals, systems that I can step away from while they keep running

What I don't know I need: That's for you to tell me :)

@Veronica Woodke set a budget for what you will want to spend per month. Break it out between the different lists you’re going to mail, get callrail or something similar so you can track which lists are generating the most calls/leads. Answer the phone live, go on the appointments and learn as you go. It’s just about taking action and learning. I would also recommend the flipping junkie podcast, or wholesaling inc podcast. Join a Facebook group of your local wholesalers or just general wholesaler pages so you can ask questions when they come up. Find a title company that is familiar with wholesaling