Real Estate Investing Brownsburg IN

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Hello BP community, I was seeking your input. 

We moved from IL to In for a better quality of life when it comes to commute, property taxes and closer to family. Now that we are settled in our new home, we're looking to do real estate investing on the side. Can anyone provide input on purchasing homes in Brownsburg (46112) for either flipping or buy and hold? My thought process is that there are good schools and think families might find this desirable area. Looking to gain some insight if this is a good approach or have a wider net and branch off to other areas within the Indy area. Love to chat with others over coffee and talk offline and begin networking. Like others, I am learning but really want to go to the next step and begin a game plan.

Thanks in advance for your time and look forward to hearing your perspective.

Sincerely, Michael 

Hi Michael & Kathryn,

First of all Michael, congratulations on moving from Illinois -- we made the move 8 years ago -- cheers to lower property taxes.

I personally have 3 rentals in Brownsburg -- I have smaller 2/1s in the downtown area near the new development.  But when I advertised them, I had a lot of interest -- people are begging for 3/2 rentals in that school district.

Unfortunately, I feel that in the regular "vinyl village" type rentals that families want, the sales prices are going higher faster and the rental prices are not keeping up so that you can reach the 1%.  Average sales price range from $220K-$260K and rentals prices are still $1300-$1400.

Would love to chat with both of you if you are interested.

Hi Gloria! We're looking throughout Hendricks Cty esp. near the higher rated school systems. In the Burg specifically, we're thinking about some of the older homes near the schools. We'd like to BRRRR and cycle our down payment cash. Seems like the market is so hot right now you need to be ready to pounce same day. We aren't experienced with rentals in this area so its taking us some time to analyze and feel secure enough about ROI and rent rates that it's been difficult to compete.

I am getting $950 for my 2/1 - 700sf.  We are working on rehabbing another 2/1 that is 1000 sf with a huge yard and detached garage, that i am going to market for $1050.  Most 3/2 are starting at $1250 depending on square footage -- $1500 is really the highest I have seen in the area and that is on a big 4 bed.

I just ran a search and there is nothing active around the schools today, but those houses are going for $125K range plus.  That is really the area I like best too.  PM your email and phone and let's connect.