Getting started in Utah

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Hello, Bigger Pockets Community!

I am new to the investing game and am looking to start out nearby where I live so I have been looking into different areas within Utah. I have been struggling to find deals that are worth renting out due to the price of properties in Utah being relatively high. Any tips for a newcomer to the Utah market? Thanks!

@Porter Linton Anderson , Welcome to BP! Congrats on finding this awesome community! Finding deals is hard. Period. Especially in Utah! Every investor struggles with it. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I would highly recommend coming out to the local meet-ups and meeting people. Networking is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your toolbox. Meeting good wholesalers is a great strategy. Surrounding  yourself with like minded people is extremely valuable. Check out these websites for the most valuable, inexpensive, networking groups and start attending!

I completely agree with what Jaden said. Go attend as many REIA meetings possible to start to build your network. Reach out to as many wholesalers as possible and ask to get added to their email list. This will greatly increase the likelihood of finding a below market price home that you can use as a rental. The market is super competitive right now. But as long as you're patient and willing to spend lots of time looking at properties you will find some good deals.

Good luck with your journey and congrats on getting into the real state game. It can be incredibly lucrative and I have always found it to be very fulfilling.