First property investment in Colorado

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I'm new to this type of thing so any advice is welcome.

I've been told that I have to own a house for 2 years before I can rent it out or anything like that. What are they talking about exactly? I'm not looking for a house for me to live in, I'm looking for a property to rent out asap. Do I absolutely have to have the house for two years before I can rent it out or is there a way around this?

Also, I'd like to know what kinds of buyer's contracts there are in my state. I'd like to get a return on this investment as soon as possible.

Is there something I'm unaware of? I'd rather not go into this blind.

I am not sure who has told you that but you can rent the properties from the beginning without any problem.

You might be talking about owning the house using an FHA loan which requires for you to live in the house for one year but you can still rent rooms as long as you live there for a year.

Speak with a lender, ask for an appointment, they will explain you everything.