Jobs in the field to get experience?

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I have a lot of catching up to do as far as expenses go (paying off debts).  So I can't invest right now.  Yet I still wanna get some hands on experience in the field.  What are some ways I can get that experience?  I dont mind getting my hands dirty, I just want to gain some knowledge and start developing my network.

One of the main reasons why i love being a commercial broker. Even if i am not directly involved in multi-family, i rub shoulders with those guys and see the deals being done. Also, constantly see the work of the big players.

You can find work in property management, developing, brokerage. A lot of guys/gals begin interning then grow within.

BUT....even if it is not your career, there are still plenty of ways. Shadow another investor/flipper etc and see what they do. Offer to work for free in payback of an education and ability to leverage their name. Vast amount of experience you can gain.