Learning all about real estate investing

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Hello! It's been awhile since I've been here. Now with it being summer, since I'm still in high school, I have lots of time to learn. If anyone could help me and talk to me about a lot of things regarding REI, please leave a comment and I'll message you or you can just message me! Thanks

@Michael Mostar Congrats on wanting to get a Real Estate Investor (REI education. I wish, as most investors will admit, when I was in high school. There are a lot of great articles on how to invest right here on the BP web site. So dig in. Much of it is free. Now there are many other "gurus" out there that give advice on investing. One is Robert Kyiosaki. His book Rich Dad Poor Dad helped me on my REI journey. But after you read it don't spend a lot of money on one of his REI classes. Find a local REI club near you and start attending their meetings. There will be fellow investors there you can mingle and learn from. Plus they offer REI classes to help you get started. So hope this helps you on REI career.