Beginner Real estate investor.

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Hey my name is Devin I live in Lubbock TX and I’m trying to begin my Real Estate Investing career.

Doing my homework and through several different books I have came across different strategies in ways to start up . I am drawn to BRRRR , questions on this strategy is it best to do a 100% cash deal , or use a loan with 20% down.

Just a little background on my status right now and ability to build capital just through my earned income , I can currently save between 5000-6000$ a month giving me the ability to essentially do 20% down Rehab deal based on a property at 75-100,000$ every 4 months , or in 18 months I could do a full cash deal in a home in your opinion what would my best route be to start . 

Secondly is it better for me to just look into non REHAB deals , mostly geared towards SMF’s.

Hey @Devin P.

Welcome to B/P, it is a great place to learn.  Both strategies can be a great way to go depending on how much risk you want.  If you do a cash deal risk is extremely low and it will cashflow right away.  But you will not be using the power of leverage.  It could get you  a very strong base to build off.

Using leverage at 20% is still relatively safe and this would allow you to have a large cash reserve.  Once you get going you could really amp up fast with multiple deals a year.

BRRRR is a great starting strategy. Good luck and welcome to the party!