Hello, looking for information on how to start a airbnb business.

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Hello, I am currently looking at different investment strategies on of which is buying an Airbnb in Vegas, NV. Thinking about investing in multi-family properties, but when it comes to Airbnb I'm considering buying a condo. Is there any good sources to learn about how to start an Airbnb business?

Yeah. Start with the laws in your ideal location. Pretty sure you won’t find a legal location in Vegas, especially not in a condo. Maybe north  Las Vegas? Unless they change the laws after you buy. So make sure you’ll be fine if it can’t be an Airbnb rental. 

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Hi @Nia Dixon we have interviewed two investors who are making their way with short term rentals, Zeona McIntyre and Mike Sjorgen and I know they coach. I have not used their coaching and haven't spoken to anyone who has but I can say they are both very nice people and know their stuff. 

Vegas is a strange market. Stay away from small multifamily here, they are all in really rough neighborhoods. Short term rentals are illegal in Unicorporated Clark County (Most of the West side of the Valley), highly restricted in the City of Las Vegas (Strip area and West Central Valley), unregulated in the City of North Las Vegas (Northeast of US95) and recently approved (with regulations) in the City of Henderson (Mostly Southeast side of the Valley).

Beware of condo communities as you never know what the association will suddenly decide they don't like. If you do buy a condo, prepare to get yourself elected to the board as soon as possible to protect your investment.

In the areas where it is allowed by the municipality, make sure it's allowed by the HOA, and MOST properties in Las Vegas are in an HOA.

Hi Nia! I would recommend checking out Leanne Harris of AirBnb and U. I've heard her speak at a conference and she is phenominal. She has the system down pat.

As others have mentioned, be wary of purchasing a condo for a short term rental. Even if the association currently allows short term rentals, you would be subject to potential changes in policy down the road. Most properties in valley do have HOAs but there are pockets of Henderson that do not.

@Nia Dixon I started an Airbnb business a few years ago and now have 60+ properties in Charlotte, Atlanta & Savannah. Happy to provide any insight so feel free to ping me with any questions.