How to check for a house for sale?

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First time buying a used house. I'm thinking maybe buying in auction but I don't know how to fix a house or where to get handyman to fix it. So I am a bit scared. What are the things I need to check when buying a property say a condo, apartment, house.   I have a full time job that pays good enough so I cannot spend my time fixing a house and it is not my area of expertise.  So please help me with this one I am an absolute newbie.

I wouldn't buy your first house at auction. You don't know what you're getting, and you don't know if it has a clear title. There are a lot of houses that to to auction that have liens against the property for much more than the property's value. For example, you buy it for $50k and it has $150k of debt that the property owes to various people.

Whatever you buy, you'll need to get a title company to ensure that it has clear title.