Should I schedule an Appointment?

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Hello guys. Im talking to a seller who's property is under contract. She said she's still taking back up offers. My question is Should I even go see the property since its under contract? On top of that I would have pay to bring a contractor out  since I can't eyeball repairs yet. If the current buyer closes on the property I would feel like seeing the property and paying the contractor was a waste. What do you guys think?


Sure, go look at it. Take a ton of pictures and write down everything you see wrong. You're not obligated to make an offer. In my opinion, practice and experience looking at property and talking to sellers is valuable in its own right. Maybe those other deals fall through. If you've made a good impression and she thinks you're a nice young man, she'll give you a call and ask if you want to make an offer.

I think you're better off pursuing it and telling her to call you if it falls through. Making an offer now weakens your position. If the other deals fall through and she comes back to you, she'll be more desperate to make a deal than if she had an offer on the table from you. 

Also I have a viewing lined up for a different property. Would it be wise to find a contractor in the area of the property instead of using one from my home time. I feel like i know the right answer, but like knowing you guys judgment.