San Antonio - Good or Bad Investment?

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I currently own a SFH in San Antonio, TX. My wife and I are building a new home out in the Boerne area that will be completed early next year. Our current home is older and wouldn't make a good rental (for various reasons) so we were planning to sell it (as it is pretty much paid off) and take advantage of the tax free capital gains.

I would like to use part of the sale on our existing home and use it towards the purchase of another SFH to use as a rental but I have my reservations after doing some analysis. Using the Buy and Hold Calculator, I have not been able to find any investments properties that have positive ROI. I attribute this to the high property taxes, inflated housing costs and low(ish) rent in San Antonio (and Texas in general).

Am I not seeing things correctly? Am I looking in the wrong areas of the city? I'm trying to find a reason to purchase a rental property instead of investing my income into the stock market as I want to venture into real estate investing.

Hello @Brant J. , where are you looking? Are you looking at MLS deals? What price points? The deals are tougher to find but they are out there. I'd keep looking at real estate but it's not for everyone. Are you analyzing deals with cash purchase figures or using leverage?

Do you like rentals or owner finance or flips?  We like rentals in working class neighborhoods.  Let me know if I can help.  Best of luck.