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Hey all, I am just starting out on my journey and have spent that last few months devouring every book I can, listening to countless BP podcasts, audiobooks, and sat down with some people who are current investors in my market to try and learn as much as I can. Recently I have tried to spend more time researching my market and doing some driving for dollars. I have found a distressed and vacant duplex that has potential and I want to pursue it further. It is not listed on the MLS so I looked up the property information and got a parcel number, then went to my county tax assessor's page and got the owner's information with the parcel number. I want to send a letter to the owner establishing an interest in the property, and hopefully the owner will be interested in selling and respond so I can take a better look at the property. The input I am looking for is how other people format their letters? Do you give a phone number and email? Any input or advice is helpful. Thanks for your time.

I would recommend including every way to contact you.  If he doesn't have email, what happens if you only provide yours?  You miss out on the gold you just stumbled upon.

As for formatting, I don't think there's any thing you really need to know.  If they are distressed, do you really think they will not call you because of formatting?  Haha.  They will probably be thankful you even reached out.

In all seriousness, just state your name and that you happened to drive by their property.  You are interested in purchasing it from them.  Write that they can call or text you if that's easiest on them or they can email if that's easier.

@Spencer Cornelia Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. You made a good point about how if they are distressed the format probably won’t matter much. Maybe I’m taking the actual letter a bit to serious. The intention is to put my best foot forward and be viewed as someone who can help.

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Make it a very credible letter.

If you are offering to buy a house, in cash, you need to come across as credible.

A sloppy handwritten letter may seem like a good idea, but I wouldn't.

See the handwritten letters are not just some magic talisman that magically converts people into leads.

It simply gives the illusion someone real is behind it. But it also has the effect that you are just an amateur not an actual company.

There are better ways to come across as someone that is serious, has money, is legit and real.

Get a clean printed letter, state in non generic terms (not a template letter), who you are, what you do, why you do, with your name, number, email, company logo, website and send that to them.

Nothing works better, I promise you that!

Don't forget to sign your letter with an actual real pen and press hard so you can see the penball indented the paper.

Good luck man!