Water coming from above

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Hey BP. New investor hear with my first of many issues. I got a call from my tenant this morning saying there is a small leak coming from above(condo building) in the master bath.

Talked with the HOA, they wont touch it until I have a plumber come out and do an investigation to find the source. If it's not a pipe or in the wall the HOA wont help...expected that.

But my question is how to go about this and get it done right. Hopefully not make an enemy with the other owner above me and make sure my tenant feels taken care of.

Should I contact the owner above my unit and have them pay for the pumber? What if they won't?

Should I just call my own plumber and give the owner a bill?

What are the steps I should take to get this done? If the party at fault won't take responsibility. Then what?

Thanks BP,

I think you’ll need a handyman or plumber open up your ceiling a bit. You’ll need to figure out where the water is coming from and likely that part of the drywall/insulation will need to be replaced anyway.

Once you confirm where the water is coming from, you can figure out whether it's a HOA problem or the owner above you. I'd make sure that they pay for your repairs too. But it's probably easier to get the project started first and pay for the inspection yourself.

@Carson Allen Mike made great points. I would also contact the person above you to see if your Plummer can check their unit. I’ve had a couple water leaks before and the Plummer always wants to look in the unit above. Might be nice to give the guy upstairs a heads up instead of calling when the plumber is there. If it is something they are responsible for I’m sure they will want to take care of it before it causes more damage.

@Mike McCarthy @Ashley Kehr Thank you both for your responses. I took what both of you said and have a plumber coming out tomorrow afternoon at a time I confirmed with the owner above my unit so the plumber will have access from both ends. 

Though I was hoping the issue was coming from between the units and would result in having the HOA pay for it. After seeing it for myself I believe it is coming from the unit above. Water has only appeared 3 times and does stop before returning the next day. I think there is a fixture in the unit bathroom that is not sealed properly and leaks when the owner is using it. My guess is shower as the water returns once a day but I should know more once the plumber rips into it.

I do feel bad as the owner above my unit just bought last week and is a first time homeowner. Now 5 days into his ownership, I will likely be handing him a bill for the problem that I would guess already existed but only begin to show signs since the unit fixtures are now with being used again.

I am not an attorney nor do I have a great understanding of real estate law but is there anything the guy above me can do from his end to help himself? My thought is since the issue affecting my unit only started since he took over it is all on him. But I am just curious if there is any info I could give him to try and help.

Want my guess? The pipe that the shower head is attached to is leaking (only while showering as it's not under pressure) They have a shower caddy attached to it with 47 lbs of shampoo and soap on it.

I just had to address this issue on one of our properties. I took it out, added a bunch of teflon tape and that seemed to solve it.