Getting Wholesaling Deals As a Beginner

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I am not new to the business, I worked with another wholesaler for about a year. I tried direct mailing but no response and bandit signs are frowned upon in my city (meaning a potential fine).  I am currently driving for dollars and as of next week we will be skip tracing out of town owners.  Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Nothing yet, we sent this week on Monday and haven't received a response.  We sent over 200 pieces of mail to people we skip traced in our farm area, out of town owners and people that have had a death in their family.  I know that sounds bad but that is what our mentor told us to do.

This list is fine, but you just sent them on Monday, for the first time.

It takes MULTIPLE mailings to get any meaningful data.

Plus, you should send to a list of at least 1,000 as well in order to get "good" data.

Ideally, you'd send 1,000 to out of town owners and another 1,000 to probates (you may need to expand your search area to hit that number though).