Investing as an Active Duty Soldier

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Still analyzing and looking to get in my first deal. The thought of being a long-distance landlord used to worry me; now, not having real estate before I'm 40 worries me more. Looking for advice from all parties, especially investors who were/are in my shoes and can help me to navigate the initial surge into real estate while balancing another profession simultaneously.

With all the available communications nowadays, managing remotely isn't the challenge it used to be. And if you have a management company, then it's not an issue either. If you bought a house every time you have a PCS every three years or so, could be a nice portfolio after some time.

I'm active duty Navy. Agree with the above. Whenever you PCS, buy a small (1400sqft or less) place that can be rented out in the future. 3br, 2ba. I like townhouses as the outside maintenance is minimal. Small detached houses are nice too. 

I have 1 property in the Portland, WA area, while living in Norfolk, VA. I was paying someone a monthly fee to take care of it but after 2 years with the same tenants and they paid rent on time every month without a single maintenance call, I am going it alone now.

I love They post your rental ad on several sites, do background checks, and your tenants can pay you electronically thru that site with no fees to either of you. It's great. 

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