This is NOT an offer, I am explaining my situation. I don't know what to do next.

I don't know loans as much as I should, but do understand quite a bit. There is a group of wealthy individuals who need tax write off and portfolio management to get what they call "pocket change" invested. Please note, I am not a finance person, I am a computer scientist that has been asked to make either a blockchain or token for these men.

These investors are willing to fund 2000 loans worldwide at a 3.5% interest rates. Clearly a scarce commodity. Clearly something that needs a contract. So, clearly something that a tokenized security is great for and a custom block chain that never lets papers get lost, changes made without approval, etc.

They gave me this to read and I found a lot more too.

It is an extremely common strategy, but they want to take it to the digital world. Again, I want to make it clear this is not an offer to lend, I want to explain what I have to work with. Like almost all private lender loans for real estate, there is no credit check or much detail, plus a lot of interesting things they can do that financial institutions can not. For an example, they can defer all interest payments until the end of the loan, they can allow a certain number of months where payment can be skipped without penalty, they can defer payment for any number of months (great for people flipping houses), etc. 

They can even pay you interest on your down payment as if it is a loan to them, thus giving them more tax shelter and the customer more value. In short, to them the money is not an issue, they just don't want to do the work so want it made digital. I have all the digital figured out.

What is next?