New Rochester, NY Wholesaler.

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I'm new to Wholesaling. Currently In the city of ROCHESTER, NY.

Any advice on what I should do FIRST? My plan was to START by building a buyers list first and searching for leads .

Any advice in general would help. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

@Jah Brooks welcome to the real estate investment community particularly this BP website. You are in the right place! I'm mainly a buy and hold and BRRRR investor! For me to work well with wholesalers, I will need the Property analysis I'm report format with details to help me make an inform decision based purely on the numbers and location. I'm mainly interested in really ugly distressed properties in decent locations throughout Rochester!


Hi @Jah Brooks , welcome to BP!  If you get deals, the buyers will come.  I'd be interested in anything you come across that's in a decent area - especially outside the city.  I personally wouldn't bother building a buyer's list.  For me, that would just be a trap to keep me from taking the important action of hunting down deals. You do have to make sure you have a good deal with some meat on the bone for your buyers, but once you get that, the buyers will flock to you. Just attend meet-ups, network, post on craigslist (you could be doing this at the same time as looking for deals). That's the easy part. Finding good deals should be your focus in my opinion. This means estimating ARV, rehab, and getting the deal under contract with some room to spare. It's not easy, but it's definitely possible! Good luck!