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Hello everyone! I am just starting my real estate investing journey and I am starting to talk to real estate agents. I would love to know what you believe to be the most important questions to ask them to help distinguish between mediocre and GREAT real estate agents to have a part of your team.  

Hey Noemi, in my opinion the most important question would be to ask, if they are an investor themselves or possibly if they deal with property management and could possibly provide some expertise in that area. I stumbled through tons of Realtors before i just wound up getting my license myself. The realtor you choose needs to be ok with submitting tons of lowball offers and having most of them rejected which can be a lot of work for them. They also have to be ok with showing you tons of dilapidated properties sometimes on a moments notice as the good properties from the MLS can be gone very quickly. As an investor i learned that most Realtors don't comprehend the investment side of things and are more interested in selling to actual home owners for higher dollar amounts per transaction (less work more money). While you may be able to train a good realtor by providing them with what exactly you look for in an investment property, i would start by looking for one that owns investment properties themselves. And possibly even searching bigger pockets members in your area who may be a realtor or who have already located a good one. Good Luck!

@Noemi Venegas Couldn't agree more with @Chris Allen post. There are plenty of us fellow investor/realtors that are here on BP. There are plenty of us that are willing to help. If your looking for out of state investing be sure you ask the realtor for recommendations on property management companies and contractors that can do make ready depending on the condition of the home. If they are investors the agents will be able to answer these questions very easily. Good luck in your search. 

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