Hello! We've owned our house (3 bd, 2 ba) for a few years now and are considering turning it into a rental in the next few years. We live in a good area of Portland, great access to major freeways, accommodations, and a overall nice neighborhood, which has helped the value jump from $415K to recently appraised $500K in the short period we've owned it. We are trying to decide if we stay here and invest in rentals, or use this property as our first rental. Our 'next door neighbor' is a community garden owned by a church. The church recently notified the neighborhood it's strongly considering selling the garden to a low income housing development. We're concerned w/ the impact that will have on the value of our house. We're wondering if we should sell now before ground breaks and we may be obligated to notify a potential buyer of what is to come, or if this is potentially a blessing in disguise for using the home as a rental in the short/long term. Any thoughts you have on this scenario is welcome.