Dishwasher in a small rental?

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I’m closing on a duplex this week that needs a complete renovation. After Reno I’ll rent each side out for 1,400-1,650. 952 sq ft each side, 2 bed 1 bath. So kitchens are pretty small with limited a dishwasher really necessary? I do plan on installing granite countertops/backsplash and canned lighting so it’ll be fairly nice.

Do it..We now have dishwashers in all units we rehab as the tenants are NOW higher end & appreciate them plus rents are $300-$400/month more now.

We did it in a small complete kitchen rehab & when another much larger unit came available the tenant took one look & declined to take the much larger unit because it didn't have a dishwasher. 

I squeezed it in & recessed the stove into the old mudroom.



Dishwasher,  Many people won't have a lot of pots for the cabinets but everyone will have dirty dishes for the dishwasher.  24 inch DW tends to be cheaper but if you have to go with an 18 it is still worth it.  If it is better finishes DW completes it and gets you a better tenant.

@Darren Finan

My opinion is - that it’s up to you.

I have some units with and some without.

I’ve done countless showings and I can’t ever remember a time where my tenant asked me about a dishwasher

It’s a “nice to have” not a “need to have”

Having said that - given the option - its always a nice selling point.

E.g. in the units I do have dishwashers - I mention it!

In that rent price range, I would definitely add dishwasher. Many of the best renters in my area will filter their searches for amenities like that.

They are not that expensive, but they are very useful labor saving machines. I do not believe they are prone to breakdown, like say an icemaker in the fridge. If you eventually have to replace it, the job is really easy. I vote do it.