Favorite books on Real Estate?!

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I’m looking to gain all the knowledge I can on investing in real estate, and I am as green as they come! I’ve read “the book on rental property investing” by Brandon turner and now I am looking for my next title.

I thought it might be useful to get a top 3 list of your favorite books!

My long term goals are accumulating multiple rental properties and maybe eventually apartment complexes! I am also intrigued in flipping properties and the BRRRR method (I already plan on reading David Greene's book).

Thank you in advance!

@Hunter West this book is a bit dated in some ways, but I really like "Investing in duplexes, triplexes, and quads: the fastest and safest way to real estate wealth" by Larry Loftis. As long as you can tune out the pre crash exuberance, I think this book gives you some great ideas about how to build wealth. 

Here are 3 great books to get yourself setup for investing in rental real estate. The last book is more about finance overall but it's a great read. Enjoy!

Landlording: A Handymanual

How to Buy RE with Low and No Money Down

Unshakeable: Your financial freedom play book