Do Not Call Registry

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I am starting out on my first marketing campaign. I'll be cold calling. I live and operate out of AZ so naturally my 5 zip codes are the zip codes for AZ. The lists I am going off of have both in state and out of state numbers. My business partner and I are going back and forth about whether or not to call the out of state numbers. We do not have the funds to pay $63 per zip code that we need. I read a recent post on BP about there being some sort of loophole that we have as real estate investors since we aren't selling anything.

My question is: should we call the out of state numbers or not? 

Extra context: We have a big list and some of them, I wasn't able to find phone numbers. Instead of tossing them out, I decided to keep them and use them for a direct mail campaign and email campaign. Should I add those with out of state numbers to either of these two campaigns and not risk it altogether? 

@Jazmine Bryant answering the last part of your question, you can try out BatchSkipTracing and they can help you find the contact numbers. If you want to start a direct mail campaign with that list, make sure you have the budget to do atleast 5-6 touches. I usually start getting good responses after my 3rd mailing.