Wholesale Vacant Land

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New to this and my first motivated seller is interested in selling his land very urgently I need some guidance and tips on how to navigate like this isn't my first go around. 

Updated almost 2 years ago

BiggerPockets community I want to understand more the process of wholesaling vacant land.

Your question is kind of vague and broad. Explaining the whole process could take pages. If you have some specific questions you need help with, that would be helpful. 

Otherwise, check out @Seth Williams ’ blog, retipster.com. Lots of really good, free info on navigating vacant land flipping.

I'd be happy to chat more with you. You can message me on here. As Linda mentioned, your broad question could take pages. Here are just a few variables: State, county, size of lot, land locked or road access, utilities in road, will the property pass a perc test, zoning, set-backs, inside of HOA or not, restrictions, etc...