How does everyone write/create contracts??

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Hello everyone!

I always hear people saying they created or wrote their own contract to getting someone “under contract” after they got a lead from a bandit sign or direct mail. I’ve also seen landlords saying they created their own leases. My question is how is everyone doing this? Are they finding pre-made one on the internet? Is there a specific format you’re supposed to go off of? Or does everyone just pay an attorney to do it? I’d like to know how I can create my own proper contracts and leases but I’m just lost on the process and the legality of every thing. Thanks in advance for any answers that I get!

@Kyle Falkenstein The easy way is to not make your own and just use your state's association of realtors contracts with your own specific line items that you can fill in or add in an addendum.  If you don't want to do that then yes an attorney is the way to go, don't cheap out on contracts.